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Stay Close to Your Customers

Staying close to your customers means:

  • Carrying out continuous research to learn from them.

  • Asking questions about the quality and performance of product and service at regular intervals after the sale.

  • Developing procedures to stay up to date with customer needs.

  • Listening.


  • Make recruitment and selection, customer-oriented activities.

  • Involve all staff in discussions about customer service and customers level of satisfaction.

  • Offer incentives to encourage customers to give feedback.

  • Analyze complaints for any trends or patterns.

  • Record customer thanks as well as complaints.

  • Stay close to your customers – the profile of your best prospect is the profile of your best customer.

  • Celebrate and publicize good news and achievements.


  • Don’t lose sight of your internal customers.

  • Don’t say “It isn’t my fault,” or “I don’t know who deals with that here.”

(Business, the Ultimate Resource)

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