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Getting Close To The Customer

Action Checklist

1. Examine your organizational structure.

You are unlikely to get close to your customers unless the culture of your organization encourages such a relationship.

2. Identify your customers.

Your customers are those who use the output of your work.

3. Profile your customers.

  • Gender – particularly where the purchaser or end user is not the sole decision maker.

  • Age – different age ranges being more susceptible to targeting by some products or services than others.

  • Marital Status – especially combined with other factors such as children and disposable income.

  • Home Ownership – indicating specific needs and responsibilities that relate to buying patterns.

  • Location – urban consumers differing from rural ones, and regions differing culturally and economically.

  • Lifestyle – since all customers have individual activities, interests, and opinions.

4. Assess your customers opinions and attitudes.

Find out why, how, and what…

  • Why customers buy your product or service.

  • How they use it.

  • What their opinion is of your product or service.

  • Why they choose your offering over the competition.

  • What their experience is of your product or service in terms of performance and after sales care.

5. Act on your findings.

6. Consider using the internet to improve customer focus.

7. Give feedback back to customers.

(Business the Ultimate Resource)

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