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Delivering and Delighting Customers

Although much has been written about customer-centered companies and although many have tried to create them, even today few organizations have broken through to become truly customer-centered. According to Bain & Company, 85% of CEO’s agree:

Create a clear vision and value statement to direct the organization.

  • This is not a new idea (and for many managers it may fall into the category of been there, done that); many organizations have vision and value statements that seem to have little influence on day-to-day operations and decisions. It helps to have a vision and values audit to test extent to which adopted vision and values are truly guiding the company and having a positive impact.

Share the strategy of the organization with all employees.

  • Ironically, a company’s strategy is often deemed so confidential that it is not shared with employees, the people who must make it happen. Sam Walton knew better, his policy was to share each Wal-Mart store’s vital performance information with all employees, even part-timers. He reasoned that they were directly responsible for Wal-Mart’s success.

Make Sure Each Employee Knows What Is Expected!

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