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Public Relations Planning and Measuring Successes and Failures

Measuring success by “impact objectives,” however is more valuable in the long term – for

example, did you succeed in your original goal of raising awareness within a specific group and

affecting its members behavior? The Impact can be harder to measure than output, but the results

provide more accurate performance behaviors.

You can also put systems in place to measure, for example, the number of leads and sales

generated by media coverage or conduct follow up research to determine changes in awareness

and attitudes as a result of a public relations campaign.

  •  To whom are you talking?

  •  What message do you want to communicate?

  •  Why do you want to communicate it – what are the goals and objectives?

  •  Which activities are you going to use?

  •  When are you going to carry them out?

  •  How much will it cost in resources?

  •  How will you evaluate success?

(Business, the Ultimate Resource)

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