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Boosting Business Success through Diversity

Regardless of your business, organizational goals, or where you live and work in the world, we share two undeniable areas of common ground as leaders. We all have a mission, and we all have an increasingly diverse set of “customers” to serve both inside and outside our organizations. Research from futurist Joel A. Barker indicates that innovation is driven by diversity and creates wealth through:

  • Sustainability, Variety, Innovations, Efficient Resource Utilization, New Thinking, Lowered Risks, Increased Predictability, Improved Productivity, and Economic Wealth.

Leading companies are recognizing these truths and acting on them to position themselves for Success. They are also realizing that more and more companies want to do business with organizations who value people and demonstrate it in the way their businesses are operated!

Kennedy, Debbe, 2006: Business the Ultimate Resource, p.28

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