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Creating Powerful Brands

What Is A brand?

Put simply, a brand is the difference between a bottle of sugared water, flavored, carbonated, water and a bottle of Coca-Cola. It is the sum of the functional and emotional characteristics, both tangible and intangible, that a consumer attributes to a product or service.

Some things to consider:

  • A brand is defined as the sum of the functional and emotional characteristics that a consumer attributes to a product or service.

  • Brands are important both to companies, as a source of competitive advantage, and to consumers, as an aid in making purchase decisions.

  • A critical factor in creating powerful brands is a company’s ability to differentiate the product and/or service elements of its offerings from those of its competitors.

  • Key building blocks in the creation of a brand are brand proposition, brand positioning, and brand identity.

  • Brand managers have a number of tools at their disposal, including product design, packaging, and advertising.

  • It is important for companies to track their brand equity over time, particularly brand awareness and brand image measures.

  • The internet represents a powerful new medium for creating brands, but it’s also encouraging consumers to demand a two-way dialog with brand owners.

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