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The Power of Identity

Who You are, What You Do, How you Do It, and Where You Want To Go

  • Corporate identity is the unique identity of a company that differentiates it from its competitors; it is a valuable asset, and influences the organization’s strategy, structure, and vision. Today, it is often replaced by the word “brand.”

    • Example, Products and Services, what you make or sell, (think BMW).

  • A corporate identity or branding program enables a corporation’s individual identity to be managed and projected.

    • Example, Environments, where you make or sell it, (think Hilton Hotels).

  • In order to develop an effective identity or branding program, organizational builders must have a clear idea about what drives the organization – they must have a vision and a sense of strategic direction.

    • Example, Communications, how you talk about your product, (Think Coca Cola).

  • Organizational builders can consciously construct a structure that enables the organization to project its identity both internally and externally.

    • Example, Behavior, how you behave to your employees and the world outside, (think Southwest Airlines).

Olins, W.,2006: The Ultimate Business Resource, p. 122.

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