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Effective Communications

Within the organization, oral communications range from large formal team briefings to casual encounters between two or three colleagues from different departments.

External groups comprise a very mixed bag of people, from customers and competitors to representatives of suppliers and regulatory authorities. In each context, managers may play a slightly different role, although the principles of effective communication stay the same.


  • Define the Purpose of the Communication.

  • Limit the Extent of the Communication.

  • Make Sure the Right People Are There.

  • Get the Right Number of People.

  • Facilitate Introductions.

  • Be Rational but Open-minded.

  • Be Brief, Be Simple, and Be Organized.

  • Make Good Use of Nonverbal Communication.

  • Stay Calm and Don’t Argue.

  • Avoid Personal Attacks.

  • Bring Communication to Conclusion.

(Business the Ultimate Resource)

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