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Coping with Stress

Woman stressed out

Regardless of the general balance of your life, there will be times that are stressful. Learning the practical steps to cope with stress is important to help you get through these episodes. For example:

  • Conflict between people.

  • Handling difficult behavior.

  • Performance worries.

  • Demanding routines.

  • Increased requirements to your attention or time.

  • Financial worries.

How to beat stress:

  • Exercise class.

  • Social time with others.

  • Read a book.

  • Take a bath.

  • Say goodbye to false friends.

  • Limit alcohol, coffee, and chocolate. (Note, sorry about chocolate)!

  • Get adequate sleep/rest.

  • Meditation/Prayers.

  • Get some help if needed.

Business, the Ultimate Resource, p. 826

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