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Creating Fun in the Workplace

Many bosses feel there’s no place for fun at work. Today’s employees demand that work be fun. The challenge is to reconcile these two conflicting expectations.

The perception is still widespread that work should not be fun, that fun is something you earn only after you’ve worked hard. That position, once the bedrock of workplace behavior, is changing. Companies such as Southwest Airlines, (Dallas), and Pike Place Fish, (Seattle), have shown that the integration of fun and work not only improve the day-to-day relationships and atmosphere of the workplace, but also it can positively improve the net worth of the company.

Making it Happen – Successful companies like the above, have integrated fun and work!

  • Stimulates creativity and innovation.

  •  Fosters commitment and ownership among all members of the organization.

  •  Increases productivity.

  •  Counters the effects of stress.

  •  Guards against burnout.

  •  Becomes the glue for social relationships.

  •  Mends conflicts.

  •  Stimulates renewal and activity.

  •  Reduces absenteeism.

  •  Creates stronger, deeper, longer lasting customer relationships.

Yerkes, L.A. 2006. Business the Ultimate Resource, pp. 37-38.

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