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Building Your Self Confidence

You cannot fake self-confidence. It has to flow from a well-grounded belief in who you are, otherwise you’ll come across as brash and superficial. Confidence is important in the workplace because it builds trust – trust builds commitment, and commitment builds a quality product or service. Self-confident employees use their initiative and make decisions that support organizational goals. The additional benefits of improved morale and a happier work atmosphere are icing on the cake. The elements that build a confident work force are:

  • people having the knowledge and skills to fulfill their roles;

  •  clear objectives for individuals and teams;

  •  authority in decision making and accountability for those decisions;

  •  recognition for achieving personal goals;

  •  investment in learning and development;

  •  opportunities to meet new challenges;

  •  celebration of meeting organizational objectives.

Business: The Ultimate Resource, 2006, p.787

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