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Building Your Corporate Destiny With Leadership

The following methods are most likely to build more leaderful associates from well-meaning people regardless of rank:

  • Opportunities to practice leading, Surgery, driving, and leading are all developed by supplementing instruction and coaching with actual practice.

  • Evaluations (objective, from validated instruments, and subjective through feedback from coworkers);

  • Instruction from credible leadership teachers, ideally including respected senior executives.

How to make it happen:

  • Identify the leadership capabilities you need to accomplish your organization’s business objectives.

  • Secure senior management support of, and participation in, the leadership development process.

Further thoughts – Leadership like luck, is a secret ingredient in every successful enterprise. Unlike luck, leadership can be cultivated and grown. But it doesn’t happen quickly. Given the growing need for and the shrinking supply of future leaders, smart businesspeople will give immediate priority to intentionally and programmatically developing leadership skills at all levels of their organization. Develop and Build yours Now!

Blohowiak, D, (2006). Business the Ultimate Resource, p. 256

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