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Who’s Guiding Your Corporate Destiny?

It is all about Leadership!

Executives must act now to stop a leadership vacuum from developing and preventing their

organization from competing in a most demanding and unforgiving marketplace. Develop

leadership capacity in your company’s people. Use methods to increase the odds of delivering

meaningful learning with tangible business results. Provide your associates with opportunities to:

  •  Participate in special assignments or work on special projects outside their normal work duties to give them exposure to new groups or departments (and most especially to talented senior managers).

  •  Rotate into new full-time assignments- a fresh view comes from a new vantage point.

  •  Teach or mentor others, a mentoring or teaching assignment provides great opportunities for people to pay greater attention to and reflect on what they do and why they do it that way.

  •  Receive coaching or mentoring, this personal, interactive learning experience could be in a one-on-one relationship with a more senior manager or could come through participation with a group of peers.

  •  Attend external development courses and leadership learning events.

  •  Go to in-house training courses and leadership development programs.

  •  Volunteer for service to a charity or nonprofit organization to expose them to other perspectives and non-routine challenges, some of which may well be bigger in scope than currently offered by their day job.

Blohowiak, D, 2006. Business the Ultimate Resource, Basic Books.

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