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Scaling Up Your Business

Scaling up a business is like climbing a mountain. To use a simple analogy, many people dream of summiting Mount Everest (or its equivalent in their life). Those who do it create a plan. Prepared with a set of inviolable rules and a passion for the journey, they head toward the summit. Along the way, they aim for a series of camps: intermediate waypoints normally marking significant changes in terrain. Then it’s a matter of focusing on the next day and more important, the first and subsequent steps and making adjustments along the way as the mountain conditions dictate. Those who have made such personal journeys report that it’s ultimately about staying acutely aware as you push to take just one more calculated step. Some things to think about:

  • Attracting and keeping the right People:

  • Creating a truly differentiated Strategy;

  • Driving flawless Execution;

  • Having plenty of Cash to weather the storms.

Harnish, V. (2014). Scaling up - Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits 2.0, Gazelles, Inc

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