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Book Review - Scaling Up

Cover of the book Scaling Up

Book Review

Scaling Up, Mastering the Rockerfeller Habits 2.0, How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t

“For Leaders wishing to grow companies, I highly recommend this book by Verne Harnish and the team at Gazelles. Start up, Scale up, Sc@%w up, … or Stall out (fail to scale)! This sequence describes the life cycle of most businesses as they move up the S-shaped curve of growth. The key to scaling this curve:

  1. Attracting and keeping the right People;

  2. Creating a truly differentiated Strategy;

  3. Driving flawless Execution;

  4. Having plenty of Cash to weather the storms.

I recommend reading this book and then re-reading this book, and finding a professional business consultant who has experience in helping your company to grow!

SCALING UP: How a Few Companies Make it…and Why the Rest Don’t!, 2014 by Gazelles.

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