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Infusing a Company with Cutting-edge Strategy

Whether a company is publicly traded or privately held, effective strategy creates value for stockholders and customers. In the New Millennium Economy, value-creation follows new and different paths. Today, one’s strategy should generate unique value, breakthrough value, starting value, personalized value, turbo-speed value, and employee-driven value.

Making it Happen!

  • Have regular and frequent policy making conversations with coworkers that address the following questions. What are we doing-or what do we need to do-that is unique? That generates market breakthroughs and indicates best of breed? That sets us apart from the rest of the pack? And, most important, do customers and investors recognize all that? Build strategy around answers.

  • Concentrate your strategic goals and organizational systems on achieving 100% customized products and 100% personalized services.

  • Make speed a strategic priority in goal setting and execution. Regularly canvass how long it takes to make a decision, launch an investigation or pilot, collect and disseminate relevant information, bring something to market, cut a deal, etc.

  • Allow strategic initiatives to emerge from anywhere in the organization. Insist that everyone be responsible for improving the company’s competitive position. Make certain that all hands receive sufficient tools, technology, training, direction, and freedom.

Harari, O. 2006. The Ultimate Business Resource, pp. 110-111.

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